Why Us?

At our core we are problem solvers—relentless about delivering successfully on our projects and uncompromising in our commitment to integrity, quality, and simplicity.

Second-to-none digital experiences

A proven track record of adding value through exceptional digital experiences.

Everyone at Paula Inc. has experience designing and delivering digital solutions that positively transform client experiences and position companies for revenue growth.

Proven technical ability

Our technical expertise runs deep with a demonstrated portfolio of over 70 successful projects.


Largely owing to our team members’ backgrounds in sales and marketing, all our solutions are designed with entrepreneurial goals in mind: customer experience improvements, revenue growth, and organizational efficiencies.

Human touch

Our digital solutions are designed to be self-sufficient in nature but also incorporate options for human intervention when needed. This is in response to our conviction that any great customer experience involves a human touch.

Why customer experience matters


of all consumers would pay more for greater convenience.


of US customers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising.


of customers would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience.

Source: PwC consumer experience report

Goal-driven management

We succeed where too many fail: Management

A big part of our inspiration for this business is that we have seen too many projects—many run by the biggest technology and consulting companies in the world—fail or underdeliver because of a lack of leadership, clarity, and communication.

Some of the ways in which our approach delivers results:

Carefully selected staff

Nimble and people-centric, our key to success boils down to our people. We hire and partner with exceptional, high-EQ (emotional intelligence), like-minded individuals with an uncanny ability to keep their eyes on the prize through thick and thin.

Upfront due diligence

We invest significant time in conducting first-rate due diligence to ensure that we are set up for success and a good fit for the client. That includes being realistic and upfront about how much work and involvement is required of the client, what can be accomplished within their budget, and the degree of collaboration and flexibility required to see the project through.

Full transparency

We are convinced that the surest path to successful deliveries is one of transparency and brutal but tactful honesty. That means being transparent about timelines, the amount of work involved, what we know and what we don’t know, as well as quickly identifying and addressing deficiencies and challenges.

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