Meeting prospects where they are

Enrique Flores  | January 18, 2023

To attract good leads, convert them to customers, and keep those customers happy.

Happy enough that they not only stick around, but become promoters of our brands.

That’s what most marketing and sales teams are out to accomplish.

When you break that process down into the different stages of a customer journey, you find that there are a healthy number of profiles your marketing has to cater to.

According to HubSpot, the Customer Lifecycle “…refers to the process of prospects becoming aware of a product, making a purchase from a brand, and ideally becoming a company’s longtime customer. The process is made up of five stages: reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty.”

Think about that: Reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty.

Five stages.

Each of which—assuming you want a scalable business—requires its own set of tactics, resources and processes to convert successfully.

In other words, you want to meet your contacts where they are.

And that’s where several of the businesses I’m talking to are struggling.

They simply don’t have the infrastructure to easily figure out where a contact falls in the journey or when they engage with the business.

Much less the ability to capitalize on that engagement and provide value at a moment’s notice.

But they also realize that their current methods are not sustainable, much less scalable.

That they are wasting too many hours doing manual work.

Or leaving money on the table.

And that eventually they’ll have to either achieve digital and operational proficiency, or get left behind.

See yourself there? You are not alone.
But I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s not hard to set this up.
It’s not a piece of cake either. Getting and organizing all your data—which is almost always quite messy—and designing new processes can be a tedious and painstaking endeavor.
And you do need expert help.
And must stay on top of it—constantly fine tuning it.
But it’s one of those things where a couple of months of hard work can unlock years of ease and simplified growth.
And empower you to get the most out of your web visitors, prospects, clients and even former clients.
And position you to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
And make your sales and marketing so much more sophisticated and effective.
And the best part? I’m yet to come across a business who did this well and isn’t glad it did it.

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