What Made My Team Become More Engaged

Enrique Flores  | April 24, 2024

I was recently working with my team on making changes to a presentation for what felt like the millionth time.

They had delivered on what I’d originally asked, but I kept adding new changes and going back and forth on existing ones. 

Clearly annoyed, I could hear their thoughts — and they weren’t pleasant.

Even I felt like I might have been pushing it.

But I also knew we weren’t there yet, and hated the idea of putting something out there that wasn’t quite right.

At the same time, I got hit with a sour realization: I had never communicated to my team the exact purpose of these changes and how they — and the presentation itself — connected to our long-term vision.

I just assumed they knew.

Ever get stuck in this trap?

You start giving meticulous feedback without context, like people are machines, until you’re just repeating yourself and things just keep stalling or going sideways.

It’s not a fun place to be.

So I paused the meeting, acknowledged my bad communication, and painted the future for them.

I explained how I intended to pitch the presentation.

I explained the potential objections I anticipated.

I explained the pains I already knew this type of prospect had.

Finally, I explained how the presentation, if we nailed it, would be key to achieving our long-term vision.

The difference in attitude was immediate. 

The shift in energy was both palpable and instantaneous. 

Not only were they now incredibly engaged, but they were also providing more ideas.

Minutes before, they looked like they never wanted to see this presentation — or me — again.

Now they were creating more work for themselves!

The result was a work of art

This experience solidified a crucial lesson for me: Figuring out — and communicating — your “Why” is much more than a branding exercise. 

A clearly communicated purpose ignites passion and fuels exceptional work. 

When your team understands the “why” behind the work, they become invested partners, not just order-takers.

A good reminder for all of us to not let busyness cloud our leadership.

Enrique, Founder and CEO

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